Big time Magazine is one of South Africa’s leading multi-platform online Magazine.  popularly known as  ‘Big Time Mag’, is Independent’s digital offering and brings millions of readers breaking news as events happen in the country and around the world.  we based in the Northen Part of KwaZulu we intend to focus more on local content and expand by covering international news for us to stay relevant in where the world is moving into.we cover all the aspects as far the news is concerned.


                                      Our Mission

To pioneer the community interest by giving services by writing and publicising news that is accurate, community dialogs, music events and workshops

                                       Our Objective

To become the flagship news publications pulling down all boundaries separating race, creed, and color in Zululand district. To be the catalyst to an improved standard of living for those communities trapped in poverty.

                                          Our Vision

To remain dedicated to the more disadvantaged communities of Zululand, focusing on the youth, grounding them in various career choices through vocational guidance, education, and training initiatives. Always putting Zululand first.

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       Melmoth, 3835
       Kwazulu Natal – South Africa