Ladies Kwatio group is here to set fire burning ‘



Q&A! Big time-mag! Talk to the Kwaito group called Lovedevotion &Peekay who featured three ladies from Stanger. the introduction of their current hit single called  Ininja have been exciting and give a great feeling to them and their fans, the songs have been trending on Social Media these past few months.

Q.Be brief about yourself as a group and tell us who initiated the group?

A.Love Devotion is consisting of two girls Sanelisiwe Ngema and Dulcie Mthembu both from Stanger / Kwadukuza. And Peekay is a solo Artist her name is Kwenzi Madwe from Port Shepstone ( Mthwalume ), Both artists are now started to work together and release some hits ( Fak’unyawo and ININJA. Both artists were formed by Nkosingiphile Ntuli under a company called Iyona  Production.

Q.How would you define your genre and why did you choose it from all SA genres? A.We chose Kwaito Music because it symbolises happiness. This kind of music makes you dance, happy and forget about everything

Q.What sort of Challenges you are facing in Music and do you have ways to overcome them?  A. In Music industry you need to have money and know people, everything needs to be paid for. We do have a way to overcome the struggle though, all we need to do is to work hard and make sure that we give nothing but quality every time we release our work. If you want others to take you seriously you need start to take yourself seriously first.

Q.How would you define your journey in music and what did you learn from so far?A.Our journey hasn’t been easy at all, but we’ve learnt to work hard. We know that good thing doesn’t come cheap.

How is the Support from the public so far and are you getting performances?

The support we get is amazing, people love our songs very much, in such a way that it’s got to a point where we release a song today and everybody wants to have it the same time. If by mistake we miss the date we announced to release the song on, we find ourselves under a lot of pressure, our fans demand answers

Q.Would you encourage others to join this path and can young people consider music a real life career?

A. Yes, I can encourage them but first, they must finish school, every business needs an education that’s the nature of it.