“My success came through the passion i have for Radio”


Q&A! Big time-mag! Catch-up to a long serving member of Ikhwezi FM Radio MR Saziso Dlamini, The brother seems to be enjoying his career in radio while many young radio presenters come and go.

Who is Sazizo and how was your childhood?

Saziso Dlamini I am from a very disadvantaged community called KwaDinda under Greytown, I am the first-born of Bongani Mbatha and Mhlengakuphi Dlamini. I have three siblings Mondli, Nokulunga and Khathukuthula.


How did you get into radio and how is the experience so far?

I started off as a technician and then joined the programming team as the Drive Home Show Presenter and Night-Time show. I can proudly say my hard work has paid off since my radio career kick-started was able to achieve this much.

2012 MTN Best Night-Time Presenter
2012 MTN Best Night-Time Show
2013 MTN Best Drive Home Show Presenter
2013 MTN Best News and Actuality Show
2013 MDDA/SANLAM Excellence in Broadcasting in Indigenous Language 
 2013 MDDA/SANLAM Best Indigenous Music Programme

 2014 MDDA/SANLAM Excellence in Broadcasting in Indigenous Language 
 2014 MDDA/SANLAM Best Indigenous Music Programme.

Over the years we have seen a lot of young presenters coming and going to this field but you seem to be unshakable what keeps you going?

I love entertaining and conversing with people. It is my aim to share what I have learnt and experienced in life with the intention of uplifting others. The reason for leaving this industry is money media does not want to pay and these days’ people they don’t have a passion they need to live life to the fullest I can’t blame them, but because of the passion I have for media, that’s the reason I am still in this industry.

You have been working on the drive time slots for as long as you remember don’t you think it’s time for a new challenge.

Yes, I would like to give others an opportunity to do Drive Home Show because of the simple reason Breakfast and Afternoon show are considered as the key shows on all radio stations, so I wish to see others future Sazisos. I have spent five years on the same show and my preference would be a night-time show now.

How vital it is for presenters to start at school before considering joining community radio?

Yes Definitely! There has to be a balance between both formal training and proper hands-on experience.

Any project you have in place you working on?

I have my very own entertainment company called “Saziso Infotainment and Projects” My primary focus is indigenous music (Isicathamiya) because they don’t get special recognition like all other music genres, so I basically organise annual events to promote this music. This year my target is high schools under UThukela District project is funded by the KZN Department of Arts and Culture. I am still looking for others sponsors to support this initiative.

What advice would share with other community radio presenters who wish to make it up to your level?

Do not hurry; take the time to make your brand in this industry. I can encourage them not to give up in life because everything is part of the learning and growth even failure. I nearly gave up my dream but after joining radio I could see that God was giving me time to collect knowledge and skills in order to be one of the top community presenters in the country I can encourage youth to further their studies through the Intec College because they offer affordable courses and easy payment plans.

Would you encourage others to work in Media?

This is the most interesting career and it keeps you updated every time. I can invite others to join but not to make money your priority you must be passionate and love what you do.


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